No Joy In The Flesh — Andrew Morton
October 30, 2022

No Joy In The Flesh — Andrew Morton

This Sunday, we will continue our sermon series on Joy by turning our attention to Philippians 3, which I consider one of the most emotional and intense sections of Paul's writings. Here Paul uses uncharacteristically fiery (and even vulgar!) language to warn Christians against the dangerous spiritual forces which threaten to steal their joy in the Lord. Here Paul also gives us an intimate glimpse into his own personal life and the central passion that fuels every aspect of his life and work. In our time together, we will consider Paul's radically countercultural vision of true joy that surpasses all attempts to find joy apart from Christ.

I invite you to read through Philippians 3:1-14. How might Paul's words challenge us to redefine how we think of joy and reconsider what we're living for?

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