The Gift That Keeps Giving — Matthew Liethen
January 1, 2023

The Gift That Keeps Giving — Matthew Liethen

A Peaceful New Year to You in Christ’s Name!

The post-holiday blues often spoil the joy which we greeted advent with. Before long, our roasts will have been eaten, the presents torn open, the carols sung, and our beautiful trees will be toppled. How can we carry our great Christmas hope into the new year?

As we peek into 2023 through rain-soaked windows, let’s recall that each of us still holds a priceless gift. Mysteriously, we have opened this gift several times, and yet, this parcel remains wrapped, without expiration, and ever accessible. Can you guess what it is?

Despite a good start, the Colossians had become distracted by shinier spiritual toys promising more and better divine revelation. While they already possessed Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col 2:3), they sought a spiritual upgrade which combined strict ritual adherence with heavenly visions. In a sense, they forgot all about their gift.

In response, Paul prayed that the Colossians would be continually filled with the knowledge of God’s will “through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives” (Col 1:9-10).

Thanks to Christ’s advent and our adoption into God’s family, we can appeal for this divine guidance as often as we wish! We can also pray for our brothers and sisters to benefit from these treasures of wisdom and knowledge in 2023.

Before stepping out into uncertain days, let us unwrap this gift afresh and anticipate God’s help, knowing that he will meet our every need in Christ Jesus.

Matthew Liethen

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