The Pursuit Of Happiness — Matthew Liethen
September 4, 2022

The Pursuit Of Happiness — Matthew Liethen

The Pursuit Of Happiness

With a flurry of voices and messaging flocking to us from all quarters at all times, how can we be sure what is worth listening to? How do we size up the credibility of these divergent appeals and counsel that seek to guide and direct us? After all, they all contain an element of truth, right?

As followers of Christ, we regard the Scriptures as our reference point for all matters of life and godliness. When facing uncertainty or doubt, we turn to our spiritual roadmap and compass to avoid losing our way. We wait to see how God’s Spirit will speak during our quiet times with Him, within our circumstances, and through other godly people. And yet, if we do not regularly exercise good discernment, we will surely internalize a fusion of ‘biblical conventional wisdom’ which might sound alright but will act to keep us from living out and experiencing God’s best.

This week we will hear from three distinct biblical voices as we consider the all-too-common sentiment: “God just wants you (me…us…them) to be happy.” Each of these ancient authors—John, Peter, the Psalmist—will provide some inspired insight to help us navigate around this contemporary misconception that some might attribute to the Bible, yet sidetracks the Christian.

In the end, we will find that the pursuit of happiness will never lead us to the holy calling which God calls and equips his people to live out. It’s a matter of the eternal presiding over the temporal. Rather, in making Christlikeness our aim, we will find a life-giving joy and peace far superior to any fleeting, circumstance-bound pleasure.

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