The Return Of The People
August 21, 2022

The Return Of The People

The Return of the People

Are you a detail-oriented person? Are you wired for accuracy? Some of us are gifted in areas of numbers; others of us are grateful our last math class was years ago. Some of us love organization; others of us cringe at the thought of putting everything in a certain place for all time.

As we turn to Nehemiah 7, we see Nehemiah’s continued gifts for accuracy and organization, and his heart for the people of God. Nehemiah 7:5 says, “God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials, and the common people for registration by families.” Throughout this chapter, we see how various tribes and families are mentioned, and how unsettled people are being returned and restored in Jerusalem.

Each person and each family were important. Each brought a gift or a talent to bless the community. And we see how the priests, singers, gatekeepers, and temple servants all mattered to ensure that worship took place. As we mentioned a week ago, the work of Nehemiah begins to shift in these chapters. No longer is it about the physical rebuilding of the wall; ultimately, it is about the rebuilding of a people and the return of the people’s hearts to the King.

As we prepare to worship together this week, where (and in what ways) do you sense God is calling you to return? Where do you need to renew your covenant with God? Where are you being called to serve?

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