Dear Presby Family: Analysis Paralysis

Dear Presby Family,

Have you ever experienced analysis paralysis? I usually find myself in this situation when I play a board game, especially whenfacing a tough opponent who will exploit any mistake I make. Out of a well-intentioned desire to avoid committing blunders of colossal proportions, I consider any possible outcome of every possible move I could make. However, this usually means that I end up overanalyzing the situation and taking way too long to complete my turn.

Most of us, at one time or another, have probably felt overwhelmed by decisions we need to make or by challenging situations that we face in our lives. In those moments--especially when there is more at stake than just winning or losing a board game--we can feel tremendous pressure to succeed...or at least to avoid making a total mess of the situation. This is probably how King Solomon felt when he succeeded his father, David, as king of Israel. Yet, as Scripture tells us, God met Solomon in his time of need and provided him abundantly more than he asked for or imagined.

I invite you to read 1 Kings 3:1-15. In what areas have you, like Solomon, perceived a need for greater wisdom? How might God grant you the wisdom and strength to handle difficult situations faithfully?

We serve a generous God who delights in wisdom and is eager to lead us to greater depths of wisdom and delight as we follow Him. Even when we feel stuck by decisions or challenges in front of us, He stands ready to guide us and walk with us as we take each new step of faith.

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Andrew

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