Ordinary Times

Did you know that we are in “Ordinary Time right now?” Some of you are thinking, “That’s
nothing new–that’s how I feel about my life all the time.”

The church calendar has high points of celebration, such as Advent, Lent, and Easter. We use
liturgical colors in the sanctuary, such as blue, purple, and white. The times between the
celebrations are called “Ordinary Time.” That color is green.

Ordinary time doesn’t mean that everything is ordinary and plain and ho-hum. It actually comes
from the word “ordinal,” which means “ordered or counted.” That means that each Sunday
between Easter and Advent is counted. Highly liturgical churches even print that in their
bulletins: 5th Sunday after Easter, etc.

Sometimes, it can seem difficult to keep our spiritual fervor strong between Easter and
Christmas. Life gets a little routine. Maybe we feel down or in the doldrums, especially now that
summer is over. Maybe our spiritual life feels ordinary.

But when we walk with God, life is anything but ordinary. We can see him every day in the little
things. Sometimes, we see him in the big things. We just need to look. And be open to seeing
him. And be ready for an extraordinary life.

Judie Meulink

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