Dear Presby Family: Intervention On The Run

We love the story of a good hero; so much so that it’s spawned comics and, TV shows, and movies. For the past decade, the DC and Marvel empires have risen on the backs of many of these superhero blockbusters. Of course, as I once heard someone quip, “The problem with these movies is that everything is at stake, and nothing is at stake.” In other words, the whole world seems to be in peril, but the reality is that everything will be OK because the hero always wins in the end.

Even the Bible is filled with heroic figures who stood for God, who did what is right, and whose names are well-remembered. However, not everyone stands out as a hero. The Bible is filled with just as many stories of the people who did not finish well and whose stories should serve as a warning.

One such story is that of Jonah. Each time I read it, I see too much of myself in this obstinate prophet. He knew God was sovereign and would have His way, and yet he ran. He heard God’s call to “go,” yet he went in the opposite direction. He saw God’s hand of grace time and again, and yet he complained. Jonah is no hero.

But the story of Jonah points us to a greater hero - one who always does the will of the Father. One who intervened when we were on the run. One who always preaches grace and truth. One who extends that grace and truth to those who don’t deserve it.
Jesus Christ is the hero of the story, and he desires to be the hero of our story.

This week, we are starting a new series on the story of Jonah, and we will see a stark contrast to the story of Ruth. While Ruth saw the hand of God intervening and chose to step into that plan willingly, Jonah saw the hand of God intervening and fought it the entire way. What we see is that while Ruth, an outsider, finished well, Jonah, the insider, did not.

Yet God intervened, and His desire is to do the same for us. If you’ve been on the run, or you know someone who has been on the run, then this is the series for you. I look forward to seeing you in person or online!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Aaron

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